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Lil Data Monster

System integration and Machine Learning

Welcome to our world of lil data monsters. We love open innovation and the Internet of Things. We live on the edge with IoT system integration.  We leverage our integration to optimize our machine learning.  Get in touch and we can help tame your Lil data monsters

Word on the street!

"In spite of the COVID19 pandemic, you and your team delivered the multi-protocol hardware module with the sensors interface in time for our demo."

"We will definitely include you folks in any future projects related to IoT"

"We are looking forward to further continuing our work in the near future, perhaps for a Phase III project or continuation of the Phase II."

Internet of Things

Need some smarts?  Are you trying to implement some hardware and software?  Why not try out some simple setups to get started. We help clients understand the process and create those IoT desired outcomes.

Electronic Circuit

Need help taming those lil data monsters.  We like to put those monsters to sleep to conserve energy.  Or maybe give those monsters some tools to harvest some energy.  Most of all, maybe its time to train those monsters.  Our machine learning can be done on the cloud and on the edge.  Let's get to work.

We are here to help.  Get in touch and we will help plan your project using IoT and ML on the edge for better solutions.

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