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Client 3

Focus on edge engineering and intelligence

Client 5

Open innovation all the time


We like to work with 32bit MCUs including the trending Espressif Systems 32 bit series.  We also like to include power management and energy harvesting to go along with the smarts.

We leverage open platforms and development to keep the cost down and encourage collaboration.

Client 6

Have the freedom to not make money

Although its important to succeed financially, creative and innovate space is vital for the future of IoT.  It is often these experiences that instigate inspiring solutions.

Client 4

Education with the new IoT entry level

IoT reaches beyond the classroom and LDM is here to help fill that gap.  Our company fosters a community for sharing and testing the latest technologies for edge engineering.

Leaders and Contacts

Fully Remote Company

Hit us up in the chat or email us!


Lil Scientist

Dr. Andrew Rettig


Lil Visionary

Dr. Kevin Hallinan


Lil Computer Scientist

Dr. (almost) David Fan

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Lil Engineer

Kevin McGrail


Lil Engineer/Volunteer

M.Sc. EE. Sanket Makwana


Lil Engineer/Volunteer

Dr. Robert Lou


Lil Engineer/Volunteer

Rayan Abou Elias


Lil Engineer/ Volunteer

Pavanth Kumar Reddy

Sam Reynolds_edited.jpg

Lil Student Intern

Sam Reynolds

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