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Monsters in Action


Prixarc collaborates for a professional produce monitoring device using energy harvesting, cameras and sensors combined with machine learning for keeping it IoT fresh.  Take a bite!

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University of Dayon

Loosing money with empty buildings and want to raise those temperatures......  Facilities is working with us to create an affordable temperature and humidity sensor for better building energy efficiency while protecting expensive equipment. 

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Hanley Sustainability Institute

Data driven sustainability is here to help highlight our progress and direct future endeavors.  We have worked with Hanley on building efficiency, vehicle monitoring, compost monitoring and more. 

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Intrust IT

InTrust is our go to IT company for everything in the cloud.  They are always suggesting services as solutions to simplify your IT needs.

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Mission of Mary

Surprisingly, IoT often starts with agriculture.  Its so important to continue to improve our yield through monitoring and alternative agriculture solutions.  Although sometimes its simple with compost or greenhouse monitoring.

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Brixilated is our latest collaboration and we cannot wait to share some details with you...

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